Paid!! Derek Fisher's Ex Wife Made Off With Over $1.3Million A Year In Divorce Settlement!

Paid!! Derek Fisher’s Ex Wife Made Off With Over $1.3Million A Year In Divorce Settlement!

Looks like Derek Fisher added a very expensive bill to his pockets…a divorce settlement! If you didn’t know Fisher had filed for divorce last year just one month after celebrating their 10 year anniversary!

According to TMZ, Fisher’s ex Candace, scored a pocket full of spousal support dough and when we say a pocket full we mean, $109k a month… and if you do the math she will be receiving $1.3 milli a year! And if you didn’t think that was enough, Fisher apparently also agreed on $15k a month in child support for their 9-year-old twin boys.


Documents also shown that both parties agreed to destroy the frozen embryos they had hidden away at a reproduction clinic as terms of their settlement as well.

Yikes, he must have a lot in savings because we all know he was just cut as coach for the Knicks not too long ago. Wonder if Gloria Govan will run back to her baller ex Matt Barnes after receiving this news and we all know he’s probably somewhere celebrating his damn self! … Maybe it would have been cheaper to keep her!

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