Bae Watch: Johnny Depp's Wife Files for Divorce Three Days After His Mother Passes

Bae Watch: Johnny Depp’s Wife Files for Divorce Three Days After His Mother Passes

Looks like no one wants to bring sand to the beach this Summer ’16 because a lot of these celebrity relationships can’t seem to keep it together! The latest couple to chuck up the deuces is actor Johnny Depp and his wife/actress Amber Heard!

According to TMZ, Heard had filed for divorce after just 15 months of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. The worse thing about it is divorce docs show she filed literally three days after Johnny lost his mother.

Depp mother, Betty Sue Palmer, had passed last Friday after dealing with a longtime illness. It was definitely a devastating blow to the actor because he was extremely close to his mom. Even if her timing was a bit or maybe extremely off, Heard remained by his mother’s hospital bed throughout their marital problems.
“They are a close-knit family with a special bond with their mom, who tied it all together,” a source close to Depp tells PEOPLE. “They took good care of her. She had been gravely ill for the last few years but they made sure she was well taken care of and had the best treatment. Johnny was very close to his mom.”

TMZ is also reporting that Heard is asking for spousal support which Johnny Depp had denied. Unfortunately, for him there was no prenup signed either.

We know Johnny’s latest movie, Alice Through The Looking Glass, is set to be released tomorrow, hopefully he’ll be in better spirits for it. Lets chat below!


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