Shadeee! Brandy's Record Label Let Her Have It

Shadeee! Brandy’s Record Label Let Her Have It

Brandy’s record label just clapped back, saying the singer has no business comparing her contract to slavery … since it’s been more than a decade since she dropped a hit.

Brandy’s record label caught wind of Brandy comparing her contract to slavery and lets just say the label had a couple words for Brandy, get your cups ready because this tea is hot!

According to TMZ, a rep for Chameleon Entertainment CEO Breyon Prescott told them that Brandy’s doing all of this for attention instead of realizing that no one is really checking for her! To make matters worse the label went even further to say that they took a risk on even signing Brandy in the first place since she hasn’t had a single on the charts since the early 2000s.

Now if you don’t remember #Roommates. the whole beef started when Brandy hit Chameleon with a lawsuit because she said they were trying to allegedly tried to stop her from dropping new music.