Tyga Finally Pays His Rent

Tyga Finally Pays His Rent

#Roommates earlier this week Tyga found himself in some serious Troy me after a bench warrant was issued for the rapper after he was a no show in court to explain why hasn’t cut that $480k judgment check to his landlord!

Well #Roommates I guess the sound of jail was too much for Tyga to bear because he finally wrote a check to his landlord, although it’s unclear how much.

According to TMZ, Tyga’s landlord was awarded the $480k judgement for back rent and for damages done to the Malibu rental.

Tyga’s lawyer will head to court Friday to ask the judge to drop the case since he wrote the check, but the judge has the option to reject his plea since Tyga disrespected the court by not showing up!

Hopefully his lawyer catches the judge while he’s in a good mood.