Cops Allegedly Called To Diddy And Cassie's Home Over Heated Argument

Cops Allegedly Called To Diddy And Cassie’s Home Over Heated Argument

Looks like the Cassie and Diddy may have some trouble in paradise because word on the street is cops were called to the couple’s home after a heated argument.

Sources tell TMZ, that Cassie allegedly tried to break off the relationship Wednesday afternoon while in a car with the Hip Hop mogul somewhere in Beverly Hills. Apparently Diddy didn’t like the news and decided to take her phone before stepping out of the car.

Cassie somehow made it home without her phone and decided to tell her mother about everything that had previously went down. Diddy did return back to the house later that night but the damages was already done because Cassie’s mother had already called the police.

When cops arrived, Cassie told them that Diddy did return the phone but TMZ is also reporting that he had ended up taking two parked cars from in front of the house. At the end of the day, a domestic violence report was still filed but authorities say no crimes were committed either.

Lovers fight, it happens, hopefully both parties have since gotten over it. Lets chat below!

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