33 People Hospitalized After Overdosing On K2

33 People Hospitalized After Overdosing On K2

Brooklyn seemed like a Horror Movie today when a fresh, or shall I say expired batch, of K2, synthetic marihuana,had people falling out left in right in the streets of Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

According to NYDailyNews, thirty-three people were taken to the hospital for a possible overdose on K2.

Witnesses apparently saw people vomiting, urinating, twitching, and passing out in the neighborhood.

“People just kept showing up and dropping to the ground, flopping over hoods, of cars, or crumpling onto the sidewalk,” said longtime resident Lindsay Foehrenbach.

Watch what you smoke #Roommates!

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/multiple-people-hospitalized-k-2-overdoses-article-1.2708254