A Woman Recounts How Crappy It Is To Be Pregnant In The NYC!!

A Woman Recounts How Crappy It Is To Be Pregnant In The NYC!!

A pregnant woman by the name of Lynda McLaughlin took to The NY Post in order to describe just how uncomfortable her pregnancy has been and she believes that it’s directly correlated to the lack of empathy and politeness from her fellow New Yorkers. 

Lynda likens the past eight months of her pregnancy to Groundhog Day as she explains, “Each morning you wake up hoping for something different, only to find you are surrounded by the same fools doing the same ridiculous things.” 

For example, she says that subway seats are “bum-rushed” by Facebook-and-Twitter-induced teenagers and people that only care to cater to their own problems. “Suddenly my huge pregnant belly is invisible as they pretend to not see me swinging from the handrail above and maintaining my balance while straddling their incredibly interesting shoes,” she wrote. I mean, what’s a pregnant lady got to do to get a seat around here?! It’s not like apart of future society isn’t growing inside of her! 

These ordeals don’t just stop at the subway rides for Mrs. McLauglin! She also told her readers that in addition to being looked over on the subway, people get super frustrated with her in the grocery store if she’s not walking fast enough for them as if Bob Barker was going to pop up and award them with new cars for shopping the fastest. 

By no means is Lynda insisting that everyone go find a pregnant lady to take care of, rather, she would like more people, especially New Yorkers, to be aware of how much added stress is compounded on her throughout her day. Besides, if she has concerns about this, imagine how many more women feel this way!

Roommates, Do you feel that Lynda is complaining too much or is she yelling the truth? Let’s chat below !!


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