Ari Fletcher Is Pissed At Parents Using A Viral Ghost Filter To Scare Kids

Ari Fletcher Isn’t Here For People Using A Ghost Filter To Scare Kids Inside Of Locked Rooms

Ari Fletcher takes pride in being a mother to Yosohn, whom she shares with rapper G Herbo. Over the years, she’s expressed her love for her only child and son on her social platforms. This year on his birthday Ari thanked Yosohn for teaching and showing her “every single day what love truly is.” With this same love for her kid in mind, the mega influencer shared her thoughts on a trending ghost filter people are using to scare kids on video.


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The Tik Tok filter features a bright blue ghost with red eyes and a red mouth. Along with the frightening look, the filter floats back and forth on the screen with a creepy, echoed laugh. People on TikTok are leading children to rooms, like bathrooms or bedrooms, setting up the camera in front-facing view, applying the filter, and sneaking out of the room.

Eventually, the ghost filter pops into the screen as the children look on. Some kids appeared unphased by the filter–even opting to throw hands in defense.

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However, an overwhelming reaction in the videos includes kids crying, screaming, and clawing at closed doors.

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Well, unlike the folks posting the videos, Ari doesn’t see the humor in participating in the viral challenge.

“I don’t think it’s funny when people scare kids,” Ari tweeted. “The whole lil ghost filter and leaving y’all kids in the room is pissing me off so bad. Idk, I just don’t think it’s funny at all. Maybe I’m too soft but I ain’t playing with mine like that.”


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Here’s What Folks On Twitter Are Saying About The Filter

And Ari isn’t the only person unmoved by what people perceive to be funny about the filter. In fact, the blue ghost has stirred up a conversation about traumatizing kids for online views. Meanwhile, some users are sticking to the dark humor of the filter. Keep scrolling to see what folks are saying.