BBHMM: Chris Brown's Past Catches Up With Him Once Again!!

BBHMM: Chris Brown’s Past Catches Up With Him Once Again!!

Just when we thought things were looking up for the singer… Things went 0-100 real quick!

Chris Brown is being kept in the Philippines under the order of the Philippine Department of Justice apparently because of something that happened LAST New Year’s Eve –or should we say didn’t happen. 


According to the Philippines News Agency, the country’s department of justice blocked Chris Brown’s departure because he allegedly was supposed to do a show last NYE and never showed up. 

The department of justice granted the gig promoters an offer to bar Chris from the country in order to get back the money they say they’re owed. 

He was there for a show last night but when he went to leave this morning to head to his next show in Hong Kong, he learned of his newest legal woe. 

His  country denial rap sheet is growing! Yall remember back in February when he was denied entry into Canada because of his criminal record? 

We are just going to nick-name him “Can’t Get Right!” 

Source: TMZ,

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