"He Hates Gay Puerto Ricans." Omar Mateens Alleged Gay Lover Opens Up About Attack

“He Hates Gay Puerto Ricans.” Omar Mateens Alleged Gay Lover Opens Up About Attack


Conspiracies are still heavily circulating about the real reason why Omar Mateen ended so many lives at Pulse Nightclub a few weeks ago. One conspiracy that seems to be the biggest plot twist was that the shooter was actually gay. Well after an interview with Univision, Omar Mateen’s alleged gay lover, “Miguel” has come to stir the pot a bit.

According to CBS News, Miguel claimed that his relationship with Mateen budded when they met on the gay dating app Grindr. He said they soon grew to become friends with benefits–recalling their 15-20 meetings at a local Orlando hotel.

Pulling back the cover revealing the answer to “why?” one detail at a time, Miguel told his interviewer, Univision anchor Maria Elena Salina “he believes Mateen intentionally targeted Latinos in retribution for feeling rejected by Puerto Ricans.”

“I believe this is not terrorism…He hate[s] gay Puerto Ricans for all the stuff he did to him,” Miguel said after telling Maria that Omar found out that a the Puerto Rican man he’d been with was HIV positive. “I believe this crazy horrible thing he did was for revenge.”

Reportedly, Omar shared with Miguel that he indeed had a wife who he was allegedly forced into an arranged marriage with. He claims that she was aware of his sexuality.

Omar’s father, who was also responsible for his arranged marriage told Univision that in his opinion being gay is wrong and he doesn’t believe the speculations all over the Internet to be true.

Was Omar really sworn to ISIS but this is just a convenient plot twist? Loretta Lynch suggests that there was more than one motivation. Roommates let’s chat!

Source: CBS NEWS http://www.cbsnews.com/news/orlando-shooting-man-who-says-he-was-omar-mateen-gay-lover-speaks-out-univision/

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