Brody Jenner Talks About Why He Went To Reggie Bush's Wedding And Not Kim K's (Interview)

Brody Jenner Talks About Why He Went To Reggie Bush’s Wedding And Not Kim K’s (Interview)


Ok so if you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians and their exes then you know that Reggie Bush recently married his girlfriend/baby mother. Well, Brody Jenner attended the wedding with his girlfriend AND congratulated Reggie on social media. Everyone called Brody Jenner a SHADY BABY because he NEVER publicly congratulated Kim Kardashian on her wedding, AND he didn’t show up!

In a recent Interview, Brody gave a few reasons why he attended Reggie Bush’s wedding and not Kim’s. He says that they released the location of the wedding extremely late and he already had some things booked. He said that Reggie’s wedding was in San Diego while Kim K’s wedding was in Paris and the distance was a factor in his decision. Now if he had left his explanations at that, we would have let him slide. However, his last excuse was that he didn’t know Kanye well and he only had 15-20 second conversations with him in the past. Now, clearly Brody feels some type of way about Kanye because that was an unnecessary comment. How well does Brody know Reggie Bush’s wife? At the end of the day the only person he needed to “know” was his damn step sister! You still shady Brody!