Cissy Houston On Bobbi Kristina: "She's Not Gone Yet, But Whatever The Lord Decides, I'm Ready For Her"

Cissy Houston On Bobbi Kristina: “She’s Not Gone Yet, But Whatever The Lord Decides, I’m Ready For Her”

The mother of the late Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston, sat down with ET’s Kevin Frazier and spoke candidly about her daughter and granddaughter Bobbi Kristina. 
Cissy says her granddaughter is still in a coma three months later after being found unresponsive in her bathtub. Kevin had asked, “How is Krissy doing?” and Cissy said, “She’s the same. She’s not progressing at all.” Despite the proclamation of Bobbi Kristina being awake by her father, Bobbi, her grandmother says that she’s not doing better at all, but she thanks everyone for the prayers and good energy in honor of her granddaughter.

Kevin also showed Cissy an old interview of Whitney as she was being asked about her mother and Whitney said, “She’s like a little gas station, you know? When you need some strength, you go to mom and she fills you up.” Cissy responded to that by saying “We were very close…I loved her so much.” 

Cissy also opened up about how she felt about her marriage to Bobby Brown. “My baby tried. She did. She just had the wrong partner, you know? Kevin took it a step further and asked what she meant by “the wrong partner” and Cussy elaborated, “You’ve got to have someone that loves you enough to change. Whitney was a very soft and easy person… She was kind. She was free hearted. All of that, and sometimes people didn’t treat her nice.” You can watch that segment of her interview here

We all are still praying for a miracle for Bobbi Kristina and pray that the family is finding comfort in their faith.

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