Claudia Jordan Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta!!

Claudia Jordan Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta!!

Looks like any enemy of Nene Leakes is an enemy of Bravo because rumor has it she got Claudia Jordan fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta! Dang but she just got there though!

According to TMZ, producers closed the curtain on Jordan’s act and she didn’t even see it coming! It is no secret if you are a fan of the show, Claudia and Nene would pretty much get into it with each other basically every other episode! From Claudia dissing Nene’s hair to Nene telling Claudia “your cl*t has left your body.” That one was a low blow, literally!

Anyways, we knew Nene had something up her sleeve by the way she was acting on the reunion show when she kept saying, “You’re right, I’m wrong.” Because if this is true, she is definitely wrong for that!

Producers even told TMZ that they don’t even know if she is even allowed to be a friend on the show. Dang, that’s cold blooded! They let Porsha be a friend even after she whooped Kenya’s behind but then again, she’s friends with Nene.

Sources say Nene Leakes, Kenya, and Kandy have all signed on for the next season which starts filming next month.

Let’s chat below , do you think they should have did Claudia like that?



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