Exclusive: Drake's Newest Conquest Flaunted The Fact That She's Dating Drake & Now All Of His Other Chicks Are Going Off!

Exclusive: Drake’s Newest Conquest Flaunted The Fact That She’s Dating Drake & Now All Of His Other Chicks Are Going Off!

Ok so let’s break down this TEA for you all. A source close to TSR who is very well connected has just spilt the TEA on Drake and his ring of women. Recently a popular dancer named Lira Galore has been posting pictures with similar backgrounds as Drake, making it clear that they have been in the same places at the same time in Toronto lately (where Drake is currently staying). Lira posted a picture in the same bathroom as the rapper, and yesterday both Drake & Lira posted pictures on Instagram in the same restaurant. Not to mention Lira has been flaunting her gifts from drake which include a Chanel bag.



Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 8.02.30 AM


Well Drake’s other jump-offs didn’t like that Lira was showing off that she’s dating Drake. Our source tells us that Lira Galore and Rapper Jhonni Blaze both met Drizzy at V Live in Houston the SAME NIGHT a few months ago. Last week, Drake stopped by V Live again and chopped down Jhonni Blaze during his visit. It was a one time thing and it wasn’t serious on Drake’s end. Our source tells us that Drizzy thinks Jhonni is looney and he’s not alone. Jhonni Blaze used to mess around with Rapper Kevin Gates… but after faking a pregnancy to keep him (allegedly) he unfollowed her on social media and cut all ties.

Last night, Jhonni Blaze took to Instagram to call Drake out for “playing her”. You can expect attention seeking Jhonni to milk this for as long as possible.

See pics below: 





Just when you thought it was over, Drake’s other rumored beau Shaye G. from Texas decided to chime in. A few months ago Drake was flying her to Toronto and buying her gifts as well. Shaye took to Instagram to call him out, posting a picture of the bags he gifted her with the caption:

Like this if you got one of these too lmao”





What a mess! Drake, since when did you become a player boo? It’s always the soft ones that seem like they will really love you that are the biggest players!