Draya Gets Her Restraining Order Tossed Out!!

Draya Gets Her Restraining Order Tossed Out!!

Rumors have been swirling that Basketball Wives LA star, Draya Michele, and her off and on football player boo, Orlando Scandrick may be on again after she was photo’d wearing the ring he got her at her Mint Swim fashion show. 

Well according to TMZ, Orlando did not show up for court against Draya which ultimately forced the judge to throw out the restraining order he initially put out against her. Some say due to a possible change of heart.

If you remember, Orlando filed a restraining order on Draya accusing her of domestic violence just a few weeks after proposing to her. He says that she would spray him with pepper spray and threatened to pour bleach in his eyes and let’s not forget called his proposal to Draya a “poor decision.”

He was scheduled to show up in court today to have the restraining order extended but was a no show living the odds in Draya’s favor.

Sources on team Draya say that they have built a bridge and got over their issued but Orlando’s crew has yet to confirm that. 


Sources Sited: TMZ


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