Ed Hartwell Reveals Why He Is Ending Marriage To Keshia Knight Pulliam

Ed Hartwell Reveals Why He Is Ending Marriage To Keshia Knight Pulliam

The Ed Hartwell vs. Keshia Knight Pulliam saga is just getting messier by the minute. Yesterday, the former football player spoke to #PageSixTv about why he decided to file for divorce from his wife so suddenly as well as why a paternity test is important to him.

He said that after they got married after only four months of dating, “she wanted a baby really fast, and what I was trying to explain to her was that — from my beliefs, from seeing other successful people — that when you first get married, especially since we didn’t have a long courtship, that we should actually focus on each other and not just have a baby. That’s something she really did want to do.”

Since he was not on board with starting a family with Pulliam, it began to put a strain on their marriage. Hartwell had actually confessed that he was still in love with his ex-wife, Hollywood Divas star Lisa Wu, and that he was torn about a miscarriage they had suffered through during their marriage. Surprisingly, Pulliam was only allegedly upset that he didn’t want a baby with her.

Hartwell alleges that the former Cosby star was adamant about having a child and suspects that she stepped out of their marriage in order to get pregnant. “What I learned about her is that if she wants something, she wants it now and she’s going to go get it. That’s one of the reasons we actually stopped having sex,” he said.

The former linebacker says he’s uncertain of whether or not the timing of his wife’s pregnancy is in line with his own timeline and for these reasons, he is demanding a paternity test. “As time kept going past and the days went past, some things just weren’t adding up. So for me it’s not me saying she’s a bad person,” he said. “She wants what she wants, I want what I want: she wants a baby, I want to find love and happiness. But at the end of the day, I think if things don’t add up, I think it’s fair for me, if things don’t add up, to want a test.”

It’s difficult to say whether or not the rest of this will play out in the public eye since Pulliam said she’d only be giving her side of the story to Entertainment Tonight. We’ll keep you posted on the developments!

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