EgyptAir Flight 804 Still Missing-- Terrorism May Be The Blame

EgyptAir Flight 804 Still Missing– Terrorism May Be The Blame


Early Thursday, EgyptAir Flight 804 was flying from Paris to Cairo when it suddenly disappeared. Unfortunately, a search for the missing aircraft is still underway even after Greek officials confirmed that the plane was actually found.

CNN reported that Flight 804 was found with the statement saying: “We found the wreckage,” which went viral on social media. After taking off around at 1:48 a.m., Egyptian searchers said they seen two floating objects and debris in the Mediterranean Sea near the Greek Island of Karpathos.

Well EgyptAir’s Vice Chairman Ahmed Adel has confirmed with CNN that the debris found was not from the plane. “We stand corrected on finding the wreckage because what we identified is not a part of our plane. So the search and rescue is still going on,” he said.

Searchers next step was to start a “passenger manifest” to identify the 66 passengers who were on board  in order to inform family and friends about the disappearance. 

“Our main concern right now is taking care of the family and friends of all those who perished,” Adel continued. “We are now in the process of contacting next of kin. Once that process is complete, we will release the passenger manifest.”

One question that still remains is how did a plane just disappear?

“Planes today just don’t fall out of the sky,” CNN aviation analyst Miles O’Brien said and now there’s speculation that it may have been an act of terror.  Their theory illustrates that a bomb may have been on the plane.

As of now the official Twitter account for Egypt Air has been updating everyone on the crisis. All we can do now is wait and pray for the safety of the plane and its passengers.

This story is still developing.


TSR Intern: Charise W.
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