Fan Tries To Steal Travis Scott's Yeezy Sneakers While He Was Performing!!!

Fan Tries To Steal Travis Scott’s Yeezy Sneakers While He Was Performing!!!


Lord!! We guess fans in Switzerland didn’t get the memo: don’t mess with Travis Scott!!

A audience member recently tried it with the ill tempered rapper when the fan tried to steal Travis’ Yeezy Boost 350 off his feet while he was performing at the Openair Festival! Where they do that at ! … Oh yeah clearly Switzerland!!

Anyways, Travis Scott wasn’t haven’t and of course he went off!! He stops his performance and calls out the audience  member. Then to add insult to injury, Travis then gets his stans to jump the dude! You can hear him say “F*ck him up, F*ck him up!” 

And if that wasn’t enough, Travis spits on the the dude and then starts throwing things at him right after!!! 

He knew !! Come on he done had beef with a whole Canadian airline when he thought someone stole his Cartier watch! 

Luckily it didn’t result in anything worse than what was captured on the video but let’s chat below did the punishment fit the crime?

Watch the full video here:

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