Fast 7 Release Is Bittersweet For Paul Walker's Family

Fast 7 Release Is Bittersweet For Paul Walker’s Family

Fast Furious 7 premiere was held in Hollywood, CA this past Wednesday and one thing is for sure, Paul Walker is truly missed.

The tragic car crash that took the 40-year-old actor life in 2013, has truly left fans and his castmates still mourning. Vin Diesel, who has been Walker’s costar for the past 7 movies, opened the premiere with an emotional speech where he said that this movie is more than just a movie for him.

You’ll feel it when you see it. There’s something emotional that happens to you, where you walk out of this movie and you appreciate everyone you love because you just never know when the last day is you’re gonna see them.” 

Paul Walker’s brother, Cody Walker, told US Magazine, “I’m happy it’s over. It’s bittersweet. It was something that so many people put their heart and soul into and now everyone can see it. It was a good way to close the chapter.”

Cody was also accompanied with his brother, Caleb, to the movie event which turned into an emotional tribune about Paul’s life and legacy. Fortunately, both brothers had the opportunity to fill in as doubles in the film on behalf of their brother.

The movie officially opens in theaters today and we have a feeling that it will do some big numbers in the box office! We love you Paul Walker!



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