Floyd Mayweather's "Adopted" Son Reluctant To Come Forward About Floyd Allegedly Choking Him, Fears He Will Be Financially Cut Off!!

Floyd Mayweather’s “Adopted” Son Reluctant To Come Forward About Floyd Allegedly Choking Him, Fears He Will Be Financially Cut Off!!

Word has gotten out that Floyd Mayweather may have choked out his adopted son, 19-year-old Devion Cromwell, last Halloween at his Las Vegas mansion according to the NY Daily News.

The son reports that the famous boxer held him in a “rear naked choke” , which is reported to be a chokehold used in martial arts where “one arm encircled around the neck causing carotid and venous decompression and the other arm on the back of the head applying downward pressure.” He said it happened when Floyd showed up at the house that he, his mother, Melissa Brimm, and sister Iyanna all shared together unannounced, yelling at Cromwell’s friends to leave. The teen then said, “You’re not my father!”, and all hell broke loose after that. Supposedly the son has been afraid to come forward because he feared that Money May would cut him and his mother off financially.

“We are desperate for Devion to do what’s right and bring Floyd to justice,” one relative told a newspaper. “He controls our whole family through fear and money. It’s only a matter of time before it happens again — or, God forbid, anything worse.”

Brimm, who had dated Mayweather in the 1990s and ended things in 2000, had filed domestic battery against the fighter in 2002. He also has a history of hitting other women he has been with and even spent 90 days in jail for his attack on his other babymother, Josie Harris, in 2011.

Mayweather’s former assistant,Tasha Robinson-White, defends him by saying, “I have never seen Floyd physically assault anyone. I have seen him get angry and upset like most men do — but never violent.”

Cromwell has since spoken to Mayweather after the incident and says his dad has already been showering him with gifts in attempts to probably keep him from talking. Cromwell has until October 31, 2015 to file official charges against Mayweather.