Future To Release "Like I Never Left Documentary" Speaks On New Album And Ciara 

Future To Release “Like I Never Left Documentary” Speaks On New Album And Ciara 

Future Opens Up To Complex About Dirty Sprite 2 And Why He And Ciara Decided Not To Tie The Knot!

2015 is proving to be a pretty good year for hip hop as Future’s highly anticipated album Dirty Sprite 2 is set to release this Friday, July 17th! A lot has happened with Future since ‘Honest’ came out nearly 2 years ago and during his exclusive with Complex magazine, he opened up about why he decided to call off his engagement to Ciara as well as what motivated him to give us another Dirty Sprite.
He told Complex that Ciara felt the need to rush the dating process in order to hurry and get married. She was also pregnant at the time, but Future just didn’t want a media circus surrounding their engagement!
“I’m not gonna get married,” he said. “I can’t have a big wedding on E! News and have all these big media outlets cover my wedding and I’m not comfortable with where I’m at in my career, I’m not comfortable about compromising, about just being the person that I am, being the man that I am.” He clarified that he definitely wanted to marry Ciara, but it just wasn’t a good time!
Future also spoke about how he felt like he needed to go back to making music so that he could refocus and give his fans what they wanted to hear. “I took so much advice and put myself in so many situations And then I was just like ‘man I gotta go back home'”. All of his children and VIPs are all in Atlanta, so he ventured back to record Dirty Sprite 2! “[I felt] like, my better judgment [was] to go back and record and make music, make the music that I know the people want. I know they want the ratchet shit from me…”. Yes. We. Do. Future!
You can watch the trailer for “Like I Never Left”! Part 1 with the link below!




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