Janay Rice Defends Ray Rice, Let Him Play!

Janay Rice Defends Ray Rice, Let Him Play!

Janay Rice is tired of people calling her husband a wife beater!

Early last year a haunting video was released of former Baltimore Ravens NFL player, Ray Rice, dragging an unconscious Janay from an elevator.

Since then NFL has been afraid to touch him, not wanting to be associated with a guy who did such a thing.

Well, the Rice’s want you to know that they are past that and are moving forward in their marriage. In a sit down with ESPN, Janay said “he’s just someone who made a mistake and everyone needs to get over it.”

Mrs. Rice also made it a point to let the haters know that she is no gold-digger and is still with Ray because she loves him.

Ray told ESPN that he now understands the seriousness of domestic violence.

What are your thoughts?

Check out the full interview below!



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