Justin Bieber Came To The Rescue of Floyd Mayweather's Daughter In A Multi-Car Crash Last Night! (Pics)

Justin Bieber Came To The Rescue of Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter In A Multi-Car Crash Last Night! (Pics)


Floyd Mayweather’s children were involved in a Multi-Car-Crash last night and guess who came to the rescue? Justin Bieber of all people! Three of Money May’s children were driving in one car when they were hit by multiple cars. This all happened while Floyd Mayweather was at the BET Awards.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to leave right at that second and he happened to be on the phone at the time the time that the accident occurred. TMZ reports that Justin Bieber happened to be closer and more available to check on the kids at that time so he rushed to the scene of the incident.

When Justin Bieber found the kids, Iyanna had a busted lip, and Justin Bieber did something most would consider vain…but in this case…it was the perfect idea! He started playing his music and it calmed the kids down. Then, Justin Bieber took the children to meet their Dad at the BET Awards. Now, we wouldn’t classify him as a hero necessarily. I’m just saying, all he did was play a song and get them to the Award show mmkay. However, he did come to their rescue. Justin Bieber has been in the news recently for old videos of him saying racial slurs, but he doesn’t seem like a racist at all these days.


See Money Yaya’s Tweets Below and Pictures of The Crash: