Lil Wayne To The Pilot: Wheezy F. Baby And The F Is For F The Rules!!

Lil Wayne To The Pilot: Wheezy F. Baby And The F Is For F The Rules!!

It’s like Lil Wayne and his crew are the type of friends you can’t take no where! If it ain’t his tour bus getting targeted by people he has beef with then it’s him getting kicked off planes for not following the rules! 

TMZ reports Lil Wayne wanted to get high before take off and tried to let the pilot know. Welp the pilot wasn’t here for Wayne trying to turn his jet into another version of soul plane and told him straight out, NO!

But apparently that didn’t stop Weezy or his crew. The plane took off and they put the lighters to the joints right after and guess what, the pilot wasn’t having it! 

The pilot was so pissed that 17 minutes into the flight, he pulled a mid air U-turn on their  azz and took the plane back to where they came from and off the plane they went. 

It looks like the pilot might have stopped a whole party because TMZ caught a pic of Wayne holding a double cup and it’s rumored that it contained pink/purple liquid allegedly consistent with the drink, sizzurp. 

Looks like he might be back to his old ways and hasn’t learned his lesson since he did suffer from seizures back in 2013 for the same exact thing! For all he knows that pilot may have saved his life! Let’s chat below !


Source: TMZ,

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