Looks Like Our Roommate Was Right About Nikko's Eviction!

Looks Like Our Roommate Was Right About Nikko’s Eviction!

A few days ago we posted a Roommate Talk where it was alleged that Love and HipHop star, Nikko, was possibly getting evicted from his Atlanta apartment. Well it looks like our roommate was spot on !

According to TMZ, Nikko does owe money in back rent and his landlord has filed eviction papers.

The roommate was also spot on about the price of rent too as she said it was less than $1k to rent there and from docs received  Nikko’s rent was only $786.29! But they did add on a couple of hundred for other fees and utilities making his grand total $1,083.56!

But of course Nikko has been going around on a save face campaign telling his neighbors he’s moving into another spot down the street. The question is is he moving voluntarily or by force? 

Doesn’t look like Mimi is struggling but then again she does have Stevie J on her side. Do you think they were inflating those sextape numbers to soften the backlash and the money isn’t as good as they are making it seem? Let’s chat below!


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