"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Reunion Highlights! Watch Highlight Clips!

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Reunion Highlights! Watch Highlight Clips!

This season’s LHHATL Reunion has to be one of the most highly anticipated reunions in the history of the franchise. The first part of the reunion opened up with clips of Joseline Hernandez taking off on Althea, Tammy Rivera, and Mimi Faust while Stevie attacked his former bro Benzino.

The cameras went backstage and captured the cast mates in their dressing room while they spoke about the people they didn’t want to encounter on stage. The morning of the reunion, Stevie J leaked a naked photo of Althea giving brain (supposedly to Benzino) which caused a lot of drama between the couples. In addition to that, a couple of days prior  a video of Joseline (we were the first entertainment site to report it) leaked of her in the studio rapping while seemingly “out of it”. This made a lot of the cast mates skeptical of sharing the stage with her.

Once the cast mates got on stage a discussion between Bambi, Erica Pinkett, Scrappy, and Erica Dixon was opened by the host of the show, Comedian Sommore. Erica Pinkett claimed that Scrappy was trying to get with her while he was still with Bambi. Then Erica Dixon revealed that Scrappy had some relations  just a week before the reunion at a hotel! Could you imagine that Bambi was on stage acting like everything was all good. She’s a fool y’all! Erica urged Scrappy to take a lie detector test and of course messy Vh1 gave him one! You already know what happened, he failed!

During the break Scrappy told Mona Scott that he was done with the show and was taking off his mic. He didn’t like the fact the ladies were putting him on blast!

Kirk and Rasheeda talked about their marital issues that were displayed on the show. They said they’re working on their marriage and rebuilding the trust. Let’s not waste anymore time on this storyline.

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Karlie Redd and Yung Joc discussed their relationship and drama that took place during the taping of the show. Yung Joc revealed that he hadn’t cheated on Karlie and only began messing with his friend Khadiyah when they were already broken up. Yung Joc showed that he truly cared for Khadiyah.

Joc also spoke about Karlie Redd being abusive towards him. He said that one time while they were together she woke him up out of his sleep because she saw texts to different women in his phone. It resulted in a fight that led to him fracturing his finger.

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At the end of part 1 of the reunion is when it all started to go downhill. The cameras showed the cast reuniting on the stage after tension began to get thicker between Benzino, Althea, Stevie, and Joseline. Stevie and Joseline complained about the room being too hot and Benzino said, “That’s that coke. When you high on cocaine.” Benzino’s comment is what made Stevie J and Joseline charge after him and Althea. The next two parts of the reunion seem to be pretty promising!