MGK Spotted At 50 Cent's Party Cheating on Puffy Juice With Effen Vodka!

MGK Spotted At 50 Cent’s Party Cheating on Puffy Juice With Effen Vodka!

MGK is getting side-eyes from all  corners of the Earth this week after the Bad Boy signee “crashed” 50 Cent’s Pool After Dark party last weekend! 

The event was actually an Effen Vodka event which is the vodka that 50 is pushing against Ciroq aka Puffy Juice! To make matters worse, he posed in pictures with 50 in front of a huge banner!

We’ve all been attending the shade parades that the two hip hop moguls have had lately over who’s vodka is better and who’s the overall businessman! With that being said, it’s evident that Diddy and 50 Cent are clearly rivals, so it’s super odd that MGK saw it fit to just waltz into 50’s party. 

According to TMZ, artists who are signed to Bad Boy Records are supposed to promote Ciroq–and Ciroq only! MGK practically drowned his liver in the vodka for his LTFU video, so you’d think he got the memo, right? 

Anyway, TMZ also alleges that the 50 Cent/Diddy beef started during the early promotional stages of Effen Vodka after 50 Cent tried it with a #NoMorePuffyJuice campaign. Diddy’s UCLA arrest didn’t really help his disposition either and 50 continued to roast. However, as of right now, they’ve calmed the war of words down after Diddy wished Fitty a happy birthday last month. 

Now, roommates, considering MGK was drinking with the enemy, do you think that there may be trouble in paradise for Diddy and his bad boy? Why else would he be hanging out with 50 Cent? 

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