Moniece Slaughter Of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Speaks Out About Lil Fizz Restraining Order - "My Arm Was Swollen, Knee Dislocated"

Moniece Slaughter Of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Speaks Out About Lil Fizz Restraining Order – “My Arm Was Swollen, Knee Dislocated”


Moniece Slaughter of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been portrayed as a less than stellar mother to her son with former B2K member Dreux (Lil Fizz) on the show. Meanwhile, Dreux is looking a whole lot like father of the year. In a recent interview with Enstarz Moneice revealed that Dreux wasn’t always a good father, she says he practically abandoned her during her entire pregnancy. We learned some things from this interview, below are the highlights…plus we found out who Moniece is dating now…and he might be more fine than Dreux!

1) Moniece met Lil Fizz when she was in a girl group. Yes, we were thinking the same thing..when did this happen? Well one of her group members was dating Omarion’s brother (O’ryan) at the time and they met through him. However, they reconnected again when she was 21 and that’s when they began dating.

2) Moniece says she was the one that left the relationship, not Dreux.


3) Moniece says she’s shocked because she didn’t think Lil Fizz would bash her on the show. She claims he wasn’t there for her during her pregnancy and wouldn’t help her out with simple things like buying prenatal vitamins. In her words, “he would tell me to ask my parents to buy them…he was just not supportive.”

4) She also opened up about why Lil Fizz took out a restraining order against her. She says that Fizz showed up at her doorstep after filing for full custody of their son and threatened to take him and never allow her to see him again. She says that if she tried to file for full custody he would have lost all of his parental rights because he would have failed a drug test.

Apparently, Fizz came to get his son and asked if little Kameron could stay the weekend with him and his father. After Moniece refused, he threatened to keep her from seeing his son since she didn’t file for custody. At that time, Moniece went straight cray-cray and grabbed Kameron’s car seat and tried to use it to damage Dreux’s car. He tackled her before she could make it to the car and the altercation left her bloody with a swollen arm, dislocated knee, broken glasses, and a burn on her shoulder.


She claims that Fizz had no bruises at the time the police were called. She says that he was the one that would have gone to jail but she took the blame as the “primary aggressor” and was taken into police custody. Afterwards, Fizz filed a temporary restraining order against her that was later thrown out of court because he didn’t follow through with it.

5) Moniece says that she hopes to be friends with Fizz in the future so that they can be a strong parental unit for their son.

And now….Moniece has a new man named Marques Anthony and he might be cuter than Fizz! What y’all think?

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