Omarion Leaves Tongues Wagging On The Digital Cover Of ‘Hello Beautiful!’

Omarion Leaves Tongues Wagging On The Digital Cover Of ‘Hello Beautiful!’

Whew chile! Omarion is determined to keep the ladies sweating throughout the rest of the summer with his new cover spread on the latest digital issue of ‘Hello Beautiful!’ Fresh off his Verzuz battle a few weeks ago, Omarion is officially back to work and making the ladies drool in the process courtesy of his chocolate-covered good looks.

Gracing ‘Hello Beautiful’s annual “Heartthrob Issue,” Omarion explains his idea of what sexy means. “The essence of being sexy—either you, you have it or you don’t. My sexiness to the core is just who I am. Being sexy doesn’t mean that we’re gonna do it but it’s a vibe and I don’t get tired of it. I actually plan on maintaining my, my sexiness for life.”


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However, speaking about sexiness wasn’t the only topic that Omarion had thoughts about, as he also indirectly addressed the reactions to his recent hit-for-hit battle against fellow singer Mario that went down back in June.

“I always tell people that the difference from when I started and now is that people feel like because it’s so easy to be famous on social media, they don’t actually have respect for people that have been cultivating their art and skills like in basketball or any other sports where there’s actual ranks.”

He continued, adding “One day people love you, and then the next people, people hate you. One day, ‘he’s the greatest performer!’ And the next day it’s like, ‘Oh he can’t sing!’ Like 22 years of work just goes away. So, to be able to continue to focus on the purpose and the intent of why I’m even here and the legacy I’m creating has kept my joy intact.”

Meanwhile, it appears that Omarion is still maintaining his status as the true King of Being Unbothered…and he looks amazing doing so.


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