Plot Twist: Missing Clark Atlanta University Student Found Chilling Out In Illinois!!

Plot Twist: Missing Clark Atlanta University Student Found Chilling Out In Illinois!!

TSR knows we have all done some crazy things to get out of trouble but we think this story takes trying to save face to a whole other level!

It was reported earlier that Clark Atlanta University student, Alexis Jones-Rhodes, disappeared on her way to what was supposed to be her graduation ceremony at the school on Monday. Well today she has been found alive and well.

Just incase you weren’t seasoned with the story, Alexis left her Decatur-area home early Monday morning with her cap and gown to make her way to her graduation. Excited to see her walk across stage, her family was confronted with an equal amount of worry and confusion when Alexis never took her walk across stage to receive her degree.

‘Who had taken her and why’ were the questions raised by many upon learning of the tragic situation. 

The good news is Alexis was found today in Illinois but according to the DeKalb County Police spokesperson, she was safe and was not a victim of any criminal activity. That came as a sign of relief to her family but then again that raises the question of ‘if she was safe and out of harms way, why didn’t she show up to graduation!?’

Well school officials have confirmed that Alexis was never signed in for commencement because she wasn’t eligible to graduate! Say whaaaaa!?

The family has since released a statement saying “Both her mother and father would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support, especially the Police and the media for their swift response. We are happy she is safe.”

Talk about a plot twist! Let’s chat below what was the craziest thing you have done to get out of embarrassment or trouble?


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