Rapper The Game Finally Goes Public About His New 18 Year Old Girlfriend India Westbrook

Rapper The Game Finally Goes Public About His New 18 Year Old Girlfriend India Westbrook

(Image Credit: @westbrookgossip on Instagram)

We told you all a while ago that Rapper The Game was dating 18 year old Popular Personality India Love (India Westbrook). Y’all didn’t believe us but the proof is in the pudding boo! Our source is a close friend to The Game and we have the INSIDE SCOOP. Not only that, it’s only obvious they are dating. She was his #WCW in the past, he recently bought Chanel items for his #WCW Crush (he stated this) and she showed off her new Chanel shoes on Instagram. She’s been seen at EVERY ONE OF HIS Drew League basketball games and has even invited her sisters as well. She attended his fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, she’s been posting his songs on her Instagram page, and our roommates (readers) caught India and her sister Crystal at his 4th of July pool party. The roommate claims that Jayceon and India were flirting and overheard India say that she would be staying behind to hang out with Jayceon privately when the party died down.

(Read What The Roommate Had To Say Below):



We have receipts that she was in fact at his pool party because look at the outfit she had on in the picture her sister posted of her at the pool party, it’s exactly the same!



To make things more obvious, In true Game fashion, he decided to comment under a picture that her sister posted of her. He commented “bae”. Now, we all know “bae” is your boo “(B)efore (A)nyone (E)lse.” We guess the Game decided to make his little fling public. Before you say this isn’t his real Instagram account, you have to look at the 9 pages he is following on his main account. He is following his account “@TheGame” on Instagram and has publicly stated that it is his back up account.  Now, we aren’t mad about it at all! We are just letting you know what it is HUNTY!