Rep For Caitlyn Jenner Calls De-Transitioning Reports "Idiotic"

Rep For Caitlyn Jenner Calls De-Transitioning Reports “Idiotic”

Yesterday reports came out about a biographer claiming that Caitlyn Jenner was experiencing “sex change regret”. We knew these rumors sounded a little funny and Caitlyn’s rep pretty much settled the case for everyone with very few words.

“Not worth commenting on such an idiotic report,” they told the Daily News. “Of course it’s not true.”

The biographer, Ian Halperin alleged that close friends of Caitlyn told him that she’s thrilled that she’s raised awareness for transgender issues, but found the experience to be “harder than she imagined” and that “there’s a chance she’ll de-transition in the next couple years.”

Also, despite Caitlyn opening up about the possibility of dating a man on her show “I Am Cait”, another “friend” allegedly told Halperin that Caitlyn is still interested in dating women.

I guess we’ll all have to wait for the next couple of seasons of KUWTK to find out! Let’s chat below!

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