ROOMMATE TALK: "Dear TSR, My Baby's Daddy Faked His Death To Avoid Paying Child Support For Our 7-Year-Old Daughter!"

ROOMMATE TALK: “Dear TSR, My Baby’s Daddy Faked His Death To Avoid Paying Child Support For Our 7-Year-Old Daughter!”

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“Dear TSR,

      I am taking the father of my daughter to court over child support and our court date is approaching. He’s been trying to get me to skip the court date but I will not budge. I happen to follow his current girlfriend on Instagram and you can imagine my surprise when she posted a screenshot of my baby’s father on the “news”. 

   The headline on the screenshot said that he had been gunned down in Philadelphia. In the caption, his girlfriend said that she doesn’t know how she will go on without him and rest in peace. I’m not evil, so this was devastating news. I had to figure out how I would break the news to my 7-year-old daughter that her Father had been killed.


   I was two seconds away from breaking the news to my daughter when I discovered something very suspicious. The grammar in the screenshot was off and the “P” in Philadelphia was lower case. I went searching the news and couldn’t find the story anywhere. Once people started to catch on they deleted the post!


Can you imagine this? My baby’s father used an app to fake his death. Ladies, this has got to be an all time low! 

-Signed Baffled Mother