Roommate Talk: Dear TSR, The People Have Voted: We Aren't Feelin' Floyd Mayweather's New Boo Medina!

Roommate Talk: Dear TSR, The People Have Voted: We Aren’t Feelin’ Floyd Mayweather’s New Boo Medina!

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Dear TSR,

The people have voted and we aren’t feelin’ Floyd Mayweather’s new boo Medina! We think he is trying too hard to make her the next “Miss Jackson” and it isn’t working at all! First of all, I have been lurking on both of their pages and I noticed that he is constantly shouting her out and trying to get people to follow her. Medina has 294k followers and Miss Jackson has 305k followers. He keeps telling people, “Go Follow Medina! Go Follow Her” all of the time on his page! He even got his Celebrity friends to shout her out and tell people to follow her like Tyrese! I have to wonder why he is doing these things, and then I figured it out! He is simply trying to top Miss Jackson’s fan base. Case in point, a couple of months ago he deleted Miss Jackson’s Instagram page and Miss Jackson said it was because he didn’t want her to keep the page he helped her build! You may not believe Floyd is this petty…but he really is!


Anyway, none of it is working. The people don’t like Medina because we all know that she used to work for Floyd Mayweather as his masseuse when he was dating Miss Jackson. No one likes a home wrecker or a sneaky friend! Also, her beach blonde hair really isn’t a crowd favorite! Don’t get me wrong she’s a pretty girl…for a Rapper whose career is fading..but not Floyd!

floyd mayweather

I wonder if Floyd is truly happy! We all know he’s still in love with Miss Jackson! I’ll write in to you when I have more juice! Until then…..

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