Sad News! The Verdict For Apollo Nida of RHOA's Sentencing Is In.....And They Say Phaedra Didn't Show Up At The Sentencing!

Sad News! The Verdict For Apollo Nida of RHOA’s Sentencing Is In…..And They Say Phaedra Didn’t Show Up At The Sentencing!


The streets are saying that Ms. Phaedra Parks didn’t show up at the sentencing. We will verify this as soon as the information is available. However, if she didn’t show up we can understand. In fact, we think that their marriage has been over and done with emotionally for a while now. Phaedra Parks recently went on a vacation to Cabo with her friends Kandi Burruss, Fantasia, and Shekinah (Tiny’s BFF). It’s odd that a wife would choose to vacation the week before her husband is to receive his sentencing. We support Phaedra in her decision to move on, her husband has publicly humiliated her in numerous ways. How much can a woman take? The cheating, the lying, and now her marriage is in ruins and her children have been affected as well. Eff Apollo.

And now, the verdict is in….Apollo Nida received a sentence of 8 years in federal prison for cashing stolen checks and laundering $2.3 million dollars in bank fraud today in court. Sad news for Phaedra Parks and their two sons! Stay strong Phaedra!