Sasha Obama Lands Summer Job As A Waitress

Sasha Obama Lands Summer Job As A Waitress

Sasha Obama busing tables at a seafood restaurant this summer is every parents dream, and every teenagers nightmare!

If you thought you were going to finish the summer off laying around your parents house, think again, because we can hear parents everywhere hitting their kids with the, “The president’s daughter is doing it” line.

It’s so admirable how The President and The First Lady are raising their beautiful daughters to feel as normal as possible, and not be entitled.

According to the Boston Herald, Sasha is using her full name of Natasha, and is working the takeout window at Nancy’s, a seafood restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard.

In addition to working the takeout window, she’s been doing various duties such as prepping the restaurant before opening, working the cash register, and busing tables.–Everyone complaining about their corporate or non corporate job is somewhere sinking in their chair with guilt right now.

As normal as going to work for Sasha might seem, it’s not as normal for the rest of us as she is accompanied by 6 Secret Service agents during her shifts. If only I had that hook up for anyone who tries to try me at work!

A server at the restaurant said, “We were wondering why there were 6 people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was.”

Sasha works a 4 hour shift at the busy restaurant which seats 350 people, and is rumored to only be working there until this Saturday when the entire family is together for their annual vacation.

We are so here for this and congratulate Sasha for her first summer job, as well as congratulate Malia who will be going to Harvard in 2017! Yessss ladies, #Werk!

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