#SevynTakeover : Love in Competition

#SevynTakeover : Love in Competition

#Roommates , @Sevyn is back speaking to our souls 🙌. Let her know what you think and read along as she dishes the tea on what inspired her to write it !


Love in Competition:
Is intuition a gift or a curse? How do we assess when we should follow our intuition or if we are being paranoid? Our intuition can give us great insight & clarity, but paranoia can make us jump to conclusions. Trust me, I’ve been there. For a while, I tried to rationalize my thoughts, tried not to be that “nagging” girl, but something just didn’t feel right. Have you ever been there? I love so hard and in past relationships chose to ignore my head when it didn’t match my heart. It was like my heart had selective seeing. I could feel our relationship changing. The “good morning” texts stopped, little things in our routine changed. Sometimes it was minor things that he could easily dismiss as “petty” or my “insecurities” if I brought up. I felt that my LOVE was IN COMPETITION. Had me asking questions like who’s playing my position, because I could feel it changing. How much evidence do we really need to support the nagging feeling that something’s not quite right. How much Instagram stalking, checking phones, trying to find out passwords, asking their homegirl/homeboy of your boo 21 questions do we need to validate our thoughts? From what I’ve seen, if you have to do all of that….then you already have your answer. Have we been ignoring little signs along the way? I know I did. You can’t blame the other person for what you chose to ignore. We can pretend to be in denial but a lot of times we know the TRUTH! But…..some of us have to go through it until we wake up and say we’ve had enough. Lesson learned👌🏾

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