Someone Gots Some Explaining To Do! Wife Of Kenya Moore's Pretend Boyfriend Calls Her Internet Boo-Hoo A Publicity Stunt!

Someone Gots Some Explaining To Do! Wife Of Kenya Moore’s Pretend Boyfriend Calls Her Internet Boo-Hoo A Publicity Stunt!

So by now we hope you all have caught up on  the tea of Kenya Moore’s supposed million dollar match maker boyfriend getting married to another woman, right!? Well it looks like his new wife ain’t to fond of the drama and decided she had a few things to say!

Jamie Gregory, the wife of Kenya Moore’s “Matchmaker” boyfriend, James Freeman,
spoke with Radar Online to set the record straight on some things. She said, “James was on ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ in September [2014] and I met him in December. We met on and three months later we were engaged.” She went on to say, “Then on Good Friday, April 3, 2015 we got married. We just knew right away that we were in love.” 

While James was not up front about filming the show, with his now, wife, Jamie, he claims that he totally forgot that he even did the show (Yeah right! Who forgets watching an ass like that?!) but when Jamie asked about it he told her that he had only gone on a couple dates with Kenya and that was it. 

So, since the show aired two weeks ago, Jamie alleges that Kenya reached out to James. She said, “Kenya wrote to him saying that they should celebrate since their ratings were so high…but he told her that he had met someone and fell in love so it wasn’t appropriate for him to talk with her anymore.” See, Kenya. That’s strike #1. 

Strike #2 is that “Kenya wrote to him and told him that he hurt her brand. Of course he didn’t respond to her. But a little more than a week ago she reached out again and told him she needed a favor. When he asked what it was she told him she needed to talk to him in person, Jamie alleged. “He didn’t want to do that so he didn’t respond.” 

Jamie and her husband did not feel that Kenya was being respectful of their marriage at all, because James had definitely told Kenya that he was in love with someone else and in a relationship! 

Anyway, Jamie knows that there’s no way on Earth Kenya didn’t know that James was married, so she’s super confused as to why Kenya would publish a statement saying otherwise. “It doesn’t feel good to be put in this position. James was very clear with his boundaries,” Gregory claimed. “She wasn’t respecting him. This was obviously a publicity stunt. I know it was.”

I wouldn’t put anything past Kenya Moore. It’s hard for someone to empathize when you have a bit of a track record with *seemingly* unavailable men. Roommates, do y’all think Kenya is faking or do you think Jamie Freeman is being naive? Leave us some comments!!

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