Ya’ll remember the “T.O Show”  that came out a few years ago which was centered around the former wide receiver, Terrell Owens and what I thought was his two best friends and publicists Kita Williams and Monique Jackson? Well if you guys didn’t know Kita and Monique are no longer his publicists and they are no longer on good terms with Terrell either!

Kita Williams is now threatening to sue him for defamation for an interview Terrell did on the Wendy Williams’ Show twice where he accuses them of helping out with him losing his $8 million fortune once upon a time and also shopping around for their own spin off reality television show without telling him. He also threw in that Momma Owens didn’t like them either!

In a recent interview with C. Nikky at the NAACP Image Awards, Kita opens up about what is really going on between them.

We have had the most ups, downs, highs and lows with Terrell Owens ….But what I will say is this because I don’t throw shade, I don’t throw mud. I definitely believe in being a woman of integrity, but what I will say is Terrell is completely out of order when he talks about Monique and I doing him wrong. First of all let me say this, I kept my mouth quiet for so long by not being one of those shady, undercut kind of women. Professionally that’s defamation of character. Monique and I sold the show, we never took a percentage of his money, we never dealt with his money the 13 years that we worked with him, so we never stole any of his money. And I just want him to be clear about it. One of the things about Monique and I that I will say is true, is we always pushed him. If you notice on Celebrity Apprentice, he’s trying to change his brand. And that’s what the show did for him. So, all of these opportunities Terrell Owens, that you’re getting, is a result of the T.O. show, which Monique and I did for you, so -you’re welcome.

She says she has no interest on going tit for tat with Terrell with trying to defame him in the media, but she wishes that he would stop defaming her because she does have other celebrity clients who “done more than just catch footballs” and him talking wrecklessly is messing with her money and livelihood.

We can’t speculate on if this is shade or not but she also talks about how Owen’s negative reputation with people may have contributed to him being fired from the Apprentice recently,

I wish I could tell you why he’s upset? And if you saw Celebrity Apprentice, they eliminated him because he didn’t raise any money. And the hard part about that is you have to look at that from the perspective of, you’ve been in this business with multimillionaires, athletes, celebrities. You’ve hob knobbed with so many and you couldn’t get a couple of checks beyond $2,500? So, it says a lot of the seeds you’ve planted in the past. And the bridges you’ve burned. It has nothing to do with Monique and Kita. It has everything to do with Terrell Owens the man. With his baby mama drama, to his problems on the field with his quarterbacks and his teams, we’re not the issue!”

I always tell people friends and business sometimes don’t mix because someone always gets hurt! We all can admit though Terrell can be really good at pissing people off so maybe it was a matter of time before their relationship went up in flames just like his football career. Kita did say that she would be willing to talk with Terrell when he is ready to really sit down and talk about the truth, so maybe it leaves room for reconciliation. I guess Terrell Owens has a problem playing nice on and off the field. Catch the interview and let’s chat below: