The Cast Of "Black Ink Crew" On Vh1 Gets Into An ALL OUT BRAWL & Ceaser Is A BEAST!

The Cast Of “Black Ink Crew” On Vh1 Gets Into An ALL OUT BRAWL & Ceaser Is A BEAST!

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We are going to keep it as short as possible but we have to fill you in on all of the drama that went down step by step! The juicy video is below but let us put you on to what happened! On Sunday night Dutchess of the hit Vh1 show “Black Ink Crew” posted a video on Instagram cursing her cast mate Puma’s wife out (Quani) and claiming that she was jumped along with her Fiancé Ceaser. Then, Quani left this comment under Dutchess’ video:

Go get your (bleep) checked. My foot was all up in it!”

Watch Video Of Dutchess Calling Quani Out & Threatening To Fight Her On Sight:


According to Dutchess there were 4 women jumping her, and 4 men jumping Ceaser (including Puma). Puma spoke out about why the fight went down in the first place. He claims that Dutchess & Ceaser came to his front door with the Vh1 cameras rolling to cause drama for camera time. They caught up with Dutchess & Ceaser when the cameras weren’t rolling and the fight broke out. According to Puma’s people, they deny that they jumped them. Don’t worry we have the video below so you will find out what really happened!

Read Puma’s statement below: 



After the fight, Ceaser went BACK to Puma’s house to confront him for allegedly jumping him!

Watch the video below: