The Shade Room Celebrates The New "Young Atlanta" With Celebrity Stylist SuperDope Q

The Shade Room Celebrates The New “Young Atlanta” With Celebrity Stylist SuperDope Q

On Sunday, July 26 celebrity stylist, SuperDope Q and The Shade Room hosted a high volume networking event located at a private studio in Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate the new  “ Young Atlanta” movement and the anticipated launch of his new clothing line.  As cocktails swirled around room provided by Happy Juice local fashion bloggers, social media gurus and entertainment professionals mingled amongst each other while enjoying the sounds by DJ Jess. 

The Shade Room had a chance to speak with the budding entrepreneur on his new found fame, how he got his start in the fashion industry, and the backstory behind the new TV show “Young Atlanta.”

Check the highlights below:

How did you get into wardrobe styling?

I started when I was in high school and then continued to do so once I graduated. I wanted to work with my cousin, singer Jacob Latimore to help get my face out there. At that time, I wasn’t in a position to work with him yet, because I was still trying to focus on my studies. I eventually moved to Texas where I went to school for Marketing and eventually I began styling him.

What was the hardest part of the process of getting into wardrobe styling? 

It’s difficult trying to get people to understand your style, belief and vision. It can be challenging at times when you have to convince people you have what it takes to dress them and style them for major events.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when you are styling your clients? 

My support system is my mother. She pushes me beyond my stopping point and stands behind anything I believe in. I listen to I listen to myself before I take advice from anybody.

What made you decide to do this event? 

I really want people in Atlanta to know who I am and what I do. I usually don’t get out much, because I am constantly working so this was an opportunity to let people get to know me as more than just a stylist. I also wanted to throw an event where young people could get together and network. I tied a party atmosphere into the equation instead of doing a boring corporate event where people are extremely uptight.

What are three networking tips you would give to young people wanting to break out in the industry.  

The first thing I would say is that image is everything. You should always maintain your look, because you never know who you will run into at events. The first impression is what people never forget. Secondly, you should always invest in yourself andin your work. Lastly, stay focused on your dream and don’t let haters discourage you from continuing your journey.

How would you describe the new “Young Atlanta”?

This saying refers to all the up and coming young entrepreneurs that are making big moves in the Atlanta scene. Lately, the entertainment industry has been booming in the city and the people making it a fixture are the young rappers, producers, stylists, bloggers and more. We are all just beginning our careersand people don’t really know us, so this gives us a time to get our name out there.


What can you tell us about the new show you’re filming for?

The show is centered on a couple of young entrepreneurs growing up in Atlanta trying to make a name for themselves in a cutthroat industry. I am one of the cast members for the first season. The show is a mix between Love & Hip Hop and Baldwin Hills. Viewers will get a chance to see our experiences that we are faced with while climbing up the professional latter. These are the behind the scenes people you don’t see that play a huge role in the images and success of major celebrities.


What other projects are you working on?

I am a releasing my clothing store that Jacob Latimore will be the brand ambassador for. I am working as the creative director for the website, so I am very excited about doing that. Also, I am also launching my own lipstick line that will be coming out in the fall.   


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By Lauren Martinez