Atlanta Man Has 34 Kids With 17 Different Women! Iyanla Can't Fix This! (Video Inside)

Atlanta Man Has 34 Kids With 17 Different Women! Iyanla Can’t Fix This! (Video Inside)


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(Iyanla Vanzant brought dolls to represent all of Jay’s children)

All of the Yappin’ Yolandas better keep quiet on this one! I don’t want anyone telling me that I’m wrong for saying they should throw a 44 yr old Altanta Video Producer, Jay, in jail for having 34 children with 17 different women. In last night’s Part 1 episode of “Iyanla Fix My Life” Jay reveals that he has 34 biological children, and 9 additional children that he has embraced or adopted, which is a total of 43 children. Hold on it ain’t over, two of the 17 women were best friends pregnant at the same zamn time! His youngest child is 3, while the oldest is 26. At first he seems to be aware of his mistakes, attributing his problem to a lack of love during his childhood. Jay says that he genuinely believes each relationship he’s in will last forever so he doesn’t hesitate to have kids. He was abandoned by both of his parents at the age of 15 after setting his father up to be robbed by gangsters.

Iyanla brings 34 dolls to her meeting with jay and asks him to hold as many as he can so that he could feel the burden of his actions. As she stuffs his arms with dolls they reach capacity at 14.

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Jay was very arrogant and it was clear that he was selfish and only thought about himself. His need for love overshadowed the well being of the women he manipulated and deceived. Many of the mothers had no clue about his other baby mothers and children at the time he impregnated them.

Let me ask you this question, Jay. Thirty-four children. At any point, did it dawn on you [that] this is too much?” Iyanla asks.

“No” jay says.

When asked if he used protection he stated that he does. He believes he would have 200 kids if he didn’t use protection.

We didn’t get a chance to sit down with the mothers in part 1 of multiple episodes but we will get to hear them explain their part in this foolishness next saturday on The Oprah Network! Men like him should be jailed, do not pass go!

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