#TSRTrendingTopics: Are You Apart Of #BigGuyTwitter?! If Not, Bulk Up!

#TSRTrendingTopics: Are You Apart Of #BigGuyTwitter?! If Not, Bulk Up!

Praise the Lord for the Heavens up above for #BigGuyTwitter! #BlackTwitter took the Twitter verse by storm today by showing love to the big, strong, hairy, masculine brothas across the U.S.! And if you are like me, you are totally here for it!

While you don’t have to actually be Black to be apart of this small community (it’s just an added bonus), however, you DO have to be at least 6’0 and 200 lbs!

Even though we searched high and low to see who started this glorious trending topic (because we give credit where credit is due) – we had no luck. Whoever it is, God bless you.

Let’s take a glance below at all the thick fine brothas that’s only a DM away!