Tyga Puts The Paws On A Switzerland Club Owner!!!

Tyga Puts The Paws On A Switzerland Club Owner!!!

Looks like Tyga really pissed someone off and this time it came to blows!!

According to TMZ, Tyga was supposed to perform at a club in Geneva, Switzerland for an hour but showed up so late he was only able to perform for 10 mins! 

When Tyga and his lady, Kylie Jenner, decided to leave the club around 4 AM,  the club’s owner became so angry that he chased the couple outside of the club and wanted to fight Tyga!

Well Tyga was up for the challenge and decided to snuff the owner in the face!!! Okay Tyga!! Well right when the fight was really going to heat up, sources told TMZ that a gun was allegedly flashed so Tyga took that as a hint to get his azz out of there! Supposedly, he left everyone behind except Kylie! 

Moral of the story, you better have hands if you’re going to show up late to your performance in Switzerland!! Let’s chat below!


Sources Sited: TMZ


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