Tyrese Gives The Ladies Some Love Advice

Tyrese Gives The Ladies Some Love Advice

Tyrese, our lil’ dark chocolate day dream, is giving out advice to the women on relationships! You know we don’t like taking relationship advice for people who can’t seem to maintain one, but….we’ll let that slide for our chocolate daddy! What y’all think of what he had to say?


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We wonder if this was just a topic on his mind, or if he had someone in mind…if you know what I mean. However, he is speaking the truth! Being in a relationship is much more than the physical! This is why before getting into a relationship it is important to first be friends with your boo! Look, date your boo for about 5-6 months before you make it official. I promise you that in the end you will have a much stronger relationship that can weather the storm. This isn’t a full proof guarantee, as there are other requirements for maintaining a solid relationship. However, this is the foundation that NEEDS to be laid before you start building together!