UPDATE: Keyshia Cole Is Going To Jail Over An Old DUI!

UPDATE: Keyshia Cole Is Going To Jail Over An Old DUI!


A couple of days ago we reported that Keyshia Cole was going to jail for 30 days, an admission she made with her own mouth…or tweet. To catch up click here .

Well, now TMZ has details on why. Keyshia Cole went to court a couple of days ago for an arrest warrant that was issued in 2004 because she never submitted proof to the Judge that she completed her alcohol ed class after receiving a DUI in 2002.

Keyshia Cole claims she completed the course but she can’t provide proof since there is no paper work. If Keyshia never went ape ish crazy in Birdman’s condo ( catch up on that story here ) then they would have never known she had an arrest warrant.

I guess the girl that Keyshia beat down kind of got her payback?

Well…maybe. Keyshia might be able to get out of going to jail if she can provide proof that she actually took her Alcohol education classes by her hearing in February. It’s going to be virtually impossible for her to dig up those old records. If I were her, I would pay Pedro off of Hoover and 7th to doctor up some paperwork. That’s just how I get down though.