Wiz Khalifa Says Tyga Gave A Wack Excuse For Dropping Out Of The "Under The Influence" Tour

Wiz Khalifa Says Tyga Gave A Wack Excuse For Dropping Out Of The “Under The Influence” Tour


Wiz Khalifa is doing a promo tour to promote his new album and his “Under The Influence” Tour and stopped by Power 99 Radio to dish the TEA on Tyga. He was supposed to be touring with Rich Homie Quan, Ty Dolla $ign, Mack Wilds, Tyga, and many more. However, Tyga dropped out of the tour and Wiz Khalifa said that his excuse was both “wack and corny”.

Here’s What Wiz Said (Credit To Bossip ) :

How Is The “Under The Influence” going so far?:

It was cool, we all watched each other’s shows. No one was bourgeois.

On how he found out that Tyga would no longer be on the tour & the reasoning he was given:
He didn’t tell me at all. His people was just like naw we ain’t gone be on the tour. He said he’s filming his movie and finishing up his album but that’s a wack excuse…”

On if he’s spoken to Tyga since he dropped out & how it’s affected their friendship:
Nope. I mean, he’s still cool. I’ll talk to him. I’m sure he’ll probably hear interviews with me saying I thought that it was wack and stuff like that, and that he didn’t reach out and I”m the type of person that I talk to people when I want to. At the end of the day it was corny. You don’t just drop out of a tour just to say you have something to do.

On where they stand now:
He know what it is with me. We cool. That’s the homie; that was just a wack move. I felt like that was just corny man, like we’re better than that.

You don’t just say album and a movie just to sound like you got something to do. I’m shooting a movie as soon as I get off of tour…and I got a son too.

Y’all know Wiz ain’t messin’ with Tyga anymore! He just said the politically correct answer. He ain’t effin’ with him!

Watch the interview below: