Zashia Santiago Talks Safaree, Nicki Minaj And More With VladTV

Zashia Santiago Talks Safaree, Nicki Minaj And More With VladTV

With Nicki Minaj recently shouting out Meek Mill as her husband during her recent concert in Atlanta, it is very obvious she had moved far along from her ex, Safaree. Well it looks like Safaree has done a remarkable bounce back as he is now also flaunting his new boo, Zashia Santiago.

Our friends over at VladTV got the chance to sit down with Zashia to get the real 411 on their relationship and what she thinks about the drama surrounding it.

When asked about how she met Safaree, she replied by saying at first she didn’t even know who Safaree was at the time.

“We met on the set of WildN’Out as many people assumed, yes it’s true we met on WildN’Out and he persued me after that and I was okay with that, he is an awesome person. I didn’t realize who he was when I gave him my information. I didn’t know he was such in the public eye. I don’t follow pop culture as much as people would believe. I listen to country music, 99.9 is my station so pop culture isn’t really what I’m into. That’s how we hooked up and we love each other’s personalities and we grew in that.”

When talking about the constant Nicki Minaj comparison she did take a real modest route. She didn’t throw any shade surprisingly and said that once she found out Nicki was his ex, she knew that the backlash would soon follow once they became public:

“There’s a lot of bashing, everybody has their own opinions and everyone isn’t always going to be on my side and I get that but we’ve been handling it pretty well. It hasn’t been bad for me. There’s been a lot of positivity on top of that. A lot of my fans and his fans come together to encourage us and some of them are saying that they are praying for us and that they’re rooting for us and I’m like wow that’s a lot you know. We appreciate that. That kind of overlaps…that really takes over the whole negativity. Positivity has waved over all of that negativity, so we’re okay with it.”

As far as the subliminal Twitter back and forth between the exes,i.e.: 



Zashia says “Zafaree” ain’t worried about the outside drama on social media. She says that they are just more focused on their own projects and that they are happy and hope to keep it that way. She is flattered by the constant comparison of her and the Queen Barbie but she insists that they are two different people. 

On Nicki moving on with Meek Mill, “It’s their relationship. I hope they’re happy just like I hope people wish that on our relationship. I really have no say on it, I haven’t examined anyone else’s relationship besides my own.”

Watch what she had to say about Safaree’s twerking video and the rest of the interview below :

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